Kieran BarrettWe have been in the photo printing and picture framing business for over 20 years in our Blackrock, Naas, Newbridge and Stillorgan Fujifilm stores. We also have a custom framing store in Blessington, Ashling Frames, which services our four Fujifilm stores. All our stores are owned and run by Kieran Barrett.

In the 20 + years that we have been in business we have seen and experienced a huge change in the photo printing industry. The shift from film to digital photography, along with new, smarter and constantly updated technologies means that we are now editing and printing thousands of digital images each year. Believe it or not, however, we still process the odd film or two!

With technology comes many advantages along with many headaches and sometimes heartaches…. Indeed, we think that our files & photos are safe in the digital age, but in reality they’re not! Unless you print your most precious photos, their memories will be forgotten; or even worse, your computer or smart phone will crash and you will lose everything.

Nothing replaces a printed image that you can touch, feel, arrange in dedicated photo album that can be pulled out and looked at often with a smile, if not a tear. That’s why we’re here to be of service to you – to ensure that your memories are printed so that future generations can look upon those captured moments in their family history and remember those people, places and things that shaped their lives.