Photo Prints

Nothing beats a physical photo that you can hold in your hand and relive that memory all over again. We print your digital photos in a variety of formats, from the standard 6” x 4” all the way up to 24” wide!

Standard Photos

Bring your digital photos to life! We print any photo from your camera, from your phone and from social media. All your photos are printed on FUJIFILM Crystal Archive paper offering you superior quality photos that last the test of time.


If you have a photo of a big occasion such as a family party or christening, why not make it even bigger with an enlarged photo? We print enlarged shots of your favourite photos.

Collage Prints

A collage of your best photos is a great way to bring your home to life. Pick out your favourite shots and turn them into an eye-catching collage. You can add as many photos as you wish to your collage. The FUJIFILM Imagine website can arrange the layout or you can choose how your photos appear on your collage.

Social Media Photos

If you’ve got some pictures you like up on Facebook and other social media accounts, why not get to see them in real life? Simply order any of your social media pics either via the FUJIFILM Imagine website or via our kiosks in store.